No one make money online from blogging, Don’t be fooled

There are many people who are turning to blogging in order to make money online, some have even resigned their official jobs with hope of making more money online, that is however a very good mistake. Not everyone will make money from blogging and I have seen so many abandoning their blogs after failing to get any dollar from them.

I usually tell people that blogging is like a soccer game competition where many teams will compete but only one team will walk away with the money. There are many bloggers but very few will be able to gain.

Who told you every blogger can get a million visitors a day? That will never be possible in the real sense which means that a few guys will always walk away with the money. It is not advisable to leave your job just to make money online unless you are sure of what you are doing.

I am not saying that people do not make money online, m of course they do, I also do, but it is not every one, There are so many people who have been updating websites for years when they have never got any meaningful income. If you want to make that money you may need to spend the better half of your day on your computer trying to make yourself visible.

The problem is that not many people can sit on the Pc all time and those who do may not be bale to know what to do and how to do in order to make money online. I have actually seen so many people being scammed thinking that they are going to make money. There are so many websites today targeting non suspecting bloggers and many have ended up losing money instead of making it.

There are currently more than 400 million blogs in the world, if someone says that people make money on line through blogging, then that means that more 400 million bloggers in the world are very rich, however, common sense will tell you that it is not true.

I do not want you to think that I am telling people that they cannot make money online, that would be like shooting my out feet since I have written so many articles which guide people on how to make money online and they have been successful. My argument is that it is only a few who get successful.

How people make money online

There are currently many people who have realized that work from home jobs are actually better than the office jobs. We are now having so many people making a lot of money on line and many others are just beginning. However, it is not always easy in the begin, many people get their first checks from blog advertising networks like Google Adsense after 6 months yet others take only 2 months.

There is no way you will make good money online without having some good website traffic, you will need to get that traffic and then money will begin pouring in, the more website traffic you have, the more you will make money online. I have written so many articles on how to increase website traffic.

Then sign up with good blog advertising companies, I use Google Adsense, Info links and Amazon but the list is endless, Google adsense is a good beginning point since the ads are relevant to the posts.

Many other people make money online through data entry jobs, there are many companies like Guru which employee online data entrants. However, you should take care so that you get a legitimate data entry job, there are many websites out there which may only cheat you instead.

If you own a blog or website, you can place a PayPal donation button so that your readers can send you some money. There are many people who make a lot of money through this method, but first of all, you will need to create some good content or serviced so that a person will feel obliged to send you money.

I have noticed that people who know how to write articles are very successful in making money online, if you are one of those ones, you can sign up to articles submission websites which share Adsense revenue like Hubpages and Howhub. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you will be paid. At a place like Hubpages, you will get money from many companies like Adsense, Kontera, Ebay and Amazon.

You can also sell advertising space in case your website get some good traffic, there are many companies which need websites to advertise from. This is a good and cheap and the best way of making money on line. You can visit the market place of site point to see advertisers seeking for websites.

I have personally made social bookmarking one of my best avenues of making money online, I bookmark my articles at She told Me and Info pirate and I get 100% of the Adsense revenue. It's a new good way to make money online.

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