Miracles; How quickly to get a Miracle

A miracle is something which happens out of the natural, this means that, that event must be rare and not natural. Miracles have been performed by God ever since this world was created; in fact, even the creation of this world was a miracle. Miracles can be performed to those who know God and those who do not know him, is just simple, Jesus performs miracles as he wish and Jesus is the only true miracles performer. This is why, even the dead people like Lazarus could receive miracles without showing any sign of faith.

This refutes the idea that miracles are only performed for people who have faith that would be really absurd since not all Israelites who crossed the Red Sea had faith, in fact, many of them even wanted to leach Moses, they had so single sign of faith. When Jesus fed the 5000 people with only a few bread and fish, even the disciples themselves did not have enough faith that Jesus Christ could perform such a miracle. The man Peter and John found at the temple gate wanted money and they instead performed a miracle for him, it is one of the few examples in the bible of the miracles where the lame walked again.

God is so merciful to perform miracles to believers and to none believers, However, I have to warn to warn you that there are many pastors who perform fake miracles and they claim they are working for God, in fact, the Bible calls them counterfeit miracles (Matt 24:24).

If you want to get a miracle from God, you will get, but not as you wish but as God wishes. We are not to force God to perform miracles if he says no, this why it is dangerous to follow miracles or give our trust to people who claim that a miracle “must” happen. There is never a must, it is only God to decide whether you need that miracle or not.

We should also learn to differentiate between miracles and natural occurrences, if some thing is natural, just like healing, then we should not call it a miracle. If you want to have a miracle, just a just a few simple steps you can follow

• Pray to God for what you want, whenever you pray through the name of Jesus Christ, God will always answer
• Remember that God is not just there to make sure we have good lives but to make sure we go to heaven
• Trust in God that he will work for you
• Let got perform the miracle in your life

Those are not gay rights, they are gay wrongs

I have never enjoyed talking or writing about gays, i know many people feel the same way yet we (who do not support the gay acts) are about to lose the battle against gay acts. I mean who am I to say no when presidents have said yes. What amuses me is that many of the people who are supporting gay acts can not engage in such acts themselves. They know very well that it is against every dust of nature to be a gay.

I am surprised when i see people claiming to fight for “gay rights “, which rights? As far as I know, there has never been and there will never be “gay rights”. What such people are advocating for are the “gay wrongs”. It is by instinct that common sense will tell you that being gay is wrong, that is why when gays stage there conferences, many of them go with their faces hidden behind masks. They are fully aware that what they are doing is a social evil and morally un acceptable, so if they are even ashamed to show their faces, then why do their fight for their wrongs.

In the past, Africa has been a dumping place for the western countries, we have been forced though sometimes wilfully to consume junk foods from outside countries, take on their political ideologies, change our decent clothes for indecent ones and now, bringing to the public the known evils including homosexuality and gay acts. I use the word public because i know gay acts existed in Africa even long before the African man met a white man, however everyone knew it as evil.

I am now scared for the future of our children, a time will soon come when they move on the same street with men indecently touching other men, and women without shame misusing other women, this is a fact all those who fight gay acts should know, there is nothing which can be done about that “prophecy”. It not my prophecy, so please do not over react on me, it was Jesus Christ who said that in the last days, the world will be like in the times of Lot, where gay acts where rampant.

People who support gay acts are more powerful than us who do not, let you not think that most Americans or Europeans do, the majority do not but the few who support are more powerful, it is the same scenario we have recently experienced in Uganda, many of us have been waiting for the law to show the gays where they belong, but the “few” seem to have won because they are more powerful. I would like you to know that this issue is bigger than even President Obama himself, it involves a clique of the “few” guys who control the money and as the saying goes “He who holds the piper call the tunes”.

I believe in love for everyone but I can never be a friend of a gay, I mean, if someone cannot differentiate between a right and a wrong, such a person becomes dangerous. The battle to fight gays can only be fought at individual levels, protect yourself and your child, and then we will see some success. Otherwise we may soon see rapist, those who defile young kids, those who sacrifice children and murderer also demanding for their rights, I mean wrongs- as gays are doing.

Benny Hinn and Suzanne Hinn finally Divorce

It is now official that the so called holy man (Benny Hinn) has separated with his wife. I have always told people that Benny Hinn is a false prophet who has never performed any miracle and many have doubted me. However, with what we see about this man, God is certainly not on his site.

If Benny Hinn is really someone who can do everything in the name of Jesus Christ, then i guess it would be easy for him to prevent the divorce. Could did be that the man of God has had some extra marital affair? If no, then why did Suzanne Hinn decide to divorce him?

Though Suzanne Hinn, who is now no longer a Hinn did not tell us why she has divorced this man who has for long lied in the name of the lord, the reasons could range from adultery, mistreatment, finance, failure by Benny Hinn to mange his home and so on.

We all know that Benny Hinn has in the past acted as a false prophet, the kind Jesus Christ warned us about, this can be evidenced by the many false prophecies he has told in the past which included the death of Fidel Castrol in 1990’s which never happened, the destruction of all gay before 2000 and America getting a female president also before 2000. Such men are very dangerous to truth seekers because they continue to lead people toward the path of death.

I am totally convinced that no prophet can live such extravagant life like that of Benny Hinn, as many people are dying of poverty; the man is stuck with his riches, jet, and exclusive homes. The separation of Hinn and Suzanne is something which shows us that Hinn has an ugly side which Suzanne has seen. I wonder how Benny Hinn could come up to say that he was surprised by the news about the divorce as he knew nothing.

Benny Hinn should stop lying to the world again, what happened is some which he knew was coming, nobody can believe it that Suzanne just woke up one day and wished for a divorce. Stop fooling people Benny Hinn and please also stop lying to us that you perfume miracles.

John Hagee, Everything about John Hagee

Most people who see and hear the Rev. John C. Hagee are impressed. However, careful evaluation of the teachings of Hagee, pastor at the San Antonio-based Cornerstone Church, reveals false teaching and a defective view of a basic and essential issues regarding salvation and the Gospel. Hagee preaches another way of salvation for the Jew, which is in direct violation of Paul’s warnings in Galatians 1:6-9.43

The Houston newspaper then quoted Hagee's own shocking words: "I'm not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith... In fact, trying to convert Jews is a 'waste of time. . Jews already have a covenant with God and that has never been replaced by Christianity." (Houston Chronicle, April 30, 1988, sec, 6, pg. 1). But, Hagee knows that most Christians and almost all dispensational believers do not accept this and are in fact shocked by it44.

For those who do not know this man, I am pleased to tell you that he is one of the major proponents of the word faith movement. He says that, with faith, God must heal and bless any one, he has also written many books on “Write it down and make it happen”. However, this man wears glasses (Spectacles), this means that he either doesn’t have faith or he is a false prophet lying about his work. I believe he is both.

Kathryn Kuhlman, everything about Kuhlman

Kathryn Kuhlman is no ordinary person in the Pentecostal circles, most of the great Pentecostal pastors in the world today including Benny Hinn and John Arnot  look back to her as the beginning of their ministries.

Dr Kurt Koch In his book Occult ABC dedicated an entire chapter to Kuhlman . when asked for evidnce of  any miracle from Kuhlman, he was given 28 best examples from Kuhlman's ministry it self . He carefully followed up on a list of 28 cases of alleged healings. Dr Kurt found out that: "Ten had not been healed, seven had experienced an improvement in their condition, eleven had diseases in which the mind can play an important part. In the whole of this extensive report, there is not one clear case of healing from an organic disease"12 Even Dr. William Nolen who spent a long time investigating Kuhlman wrote in his book, Healing: A Doctor in Search of a Miracle, that he was unable to document medically even one case of physical healing, though large numbers of them were claimed.

Kuhlman fell in love with married evangelist Burroughs Waltrip, who left his wife and two children and married her. In 935, Waltrip and Kuhlman were caught hugging and kissing in the church office prior to a service. Initially they kept their romance a secret; however, in 1937 Waltrip divorced his wife, Jessie, leaving her and his two young sons in Texas.

Kurt Koch, recorded a one of the many false miracles of Kuhlman, he reported that "Before the beginning of a meeting, the doctor was standing near the elevator in which about 100 patients in wheelchairs were being taken up in turns. Among them was a man without a wheelchair who was limping very badly. The doctor asked him, "You find it painful to walk?"

"Yes, I had an operation two years ago. But it did not heal. So now I am hoping that Kathryn Kuhlman will heal me."

"Shall I get you a wheelchair?"

"Yes, that would be nice of you."

The doctor brought the lame man a wheelchair, in which he was taken into the auditorium. During the meeting Kathryn called out into the hall, "There's a man here with cancer in his hip. You're cured. Your pain is gone. Come down and claim your cure."

The man in the wheelchair was embarrassed at the idea of being pushed forward to the platform in a wheelchair. So he stood up and walked slowly down the aisle. Behind him came one of the ushers, pushing his wheelchair. The doctor watched carefully. It was the man for whom he had borrowed the chair. When he reached the stage, Kathryn Kuhlman asked him,

"Whose wheelchair is that? Not yours surely?"

"Yes, it is," said the man. He did not want to give a long explanation. . Kathryn continued,

"You've had cancer in the hip and now your pain is gone. Is that right?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Bend over so everyone can see." He bent over. "Walk around." He walked around. "Isn't the Holy Spirit wonderful?" she cried. A sound Of rejoicing went round the hall.

After wards the Doctor inquired of this man, and it was surprising that nothing had changed in his condition, but in Christian circles, the news had spread every where that a man in a wheel chair had been healed13

In late 1975 a serious heart condition suddenly forced Kuhlman to cancel many appearances and eventually to undergo major surgery. She never recovered, and died in 1976.

There were several nasty legal suits involving former employees. Then during her final illness a stranger gained her loyalty and caused her to change her will, thereby depriving the foundation of resources to continue her ministry.

Which Ugandan telecom company will collapse first?

Competition in the telecom industry is getting fierce as days go by, Currently Uganda has nearly up to 10 telecom companies which include Warid Telecom, Orange Telecom, Zain Telecom Uganda, MTN, Uganda Telecom, I Telecom, Talk Telcom, Smile Telecom, and Uno phones, many others including Tigo Telecom will soon launch there services in the country.

The battle to win over customers by these telecom companies in Uganda is getting harder every day, andone would wonder which one of the companies will bow down to the weight of competition.

Uganda telecom is not looking any better, the company has recently made a lot of changes in its management, and these have seen the scrapping of a whole department just to keep down the cost of operation.  Very many people have recently lost their jobs in Uganda telecom where as many have resigned. The situation does not look good at Rwenzori courts (the head quarters) and many workers if given a chance will cross over to competing companies. The company is also one of the poorest in marketing which is so important in this competitive telecom industry.

Warid telecom is not seeing any good times either, the glory days which the company experienced in the first few months are now in the past. There is always un ending retrenchment of workers in Warid telecom citing poor performance which is an indicator that the company is not doing well.  We are yet to see the fruits of the merger Warid has just had but as things are, the situation is still bad.

Orange telecom Uganda began on a low profile after buying majority shares in Hits telecom, though the company is affiliated to the mighty Orange network, that has not helped them in any way in Uganda. People have just simply refused t buy Orange telecom product s and the company is struggling with very few customers yet the cost of operation is high.

MTN Uganda has always been the biggest telecom company in Uganda, but the fierce competition may bring a change to this. First of all, the company is still the most expensive in terms of charges in Uganda. If competition can capitalize on that, MTN is bound to loose, it is also important to note that the company still has a call center which is not accessible, and lots of poor services. If the luck on their side is shifted a little, MTN may surrender their number one spot in Uganda.

I telecom is still a newbie in the Uganda telecom market, they are cheapest in terms  of prices but not so easy to join since a person will need up to 100,000 Uganda shillings to become a customer. This is pretty much to many Ugandans which may scare way many people from I Telecom Uganda. However, the good services of the company may pull many from rival telecom companies.

Zain Uganda was the first telecom company to operator in Uganda, but it looks like it was one of the last. The major problem with them is that many people already have a negative attitude towards the Zain Telecom company owing to how the company was so much expensive during its first months of operation before the arrival of MTN, If I were to be honest, I really do think Zain Uganda can come back from that blow. It is now not a so much simple task to look for a single Zain Telecom customer. However , the company is still a heavy weight and has a lot in assets which is backed up by her regional presence.

The fixed telecommunication services companies are also battling to stay afloat,  Smile telecom which has just launched her services seems to be doing well but as it all goes, they will have to slow down just as others like Warid Telecom have done. I do not think it is worthy talking about Talk telecom, though they are still in business, it is hard to know.

With so many other telecom companies ready to join the telecommunication sector in Uganda, it will be right to say that the weak will be eliminated, it is now a battle for survival for the fittest and not far from now, we may witness many telecom companies merging, being taken over completely or collapsing

Make international calls; call Canada, Call Brazil and Call Turkey

Making international calls can be some what confusing for those people who are not used to it. Most people make local calls often but when it comes to make international calls, they get lots of problems, what bring the difference most times id the difference in the calling codes of countries, if you want to call turkey. You will need to use the turkey calling code and like wise for Brazil, if you call a number in Brazil without that country county for Brazil, you will not go through, and you may even find your self calling local number.

Some countries have longer calling codes than others, for example, USA, England and some other countries have the International calling code for a country, then state or city or region. This means that you will need to place the country code first, and then the city or region code and then the number of the person you are calling.

For the countries which only require a country code, you will not need to look for a city code, for example, when you are calling Uganda, you will need  to put the country code of Uganda which is 256 before the number of the person you are calling and you call will go through/

If you are calling Canada, you will need to put the county code which is also 1 like that of USA,  to call Brazil, the county code you will use is 55 and to call Turkey, the county code is 90. You will note that calling rates for international calls are most times j=higher than local calls.

Tips when making international calls

Every time you are making an international call, you have to begin the number you are calling with a plus (+) sign. If not so, you can replace the plus sign with three Zeros (000). If you do not do that, your calls must never go thorough, the plus sign on your phone will depend on your handset or phone type though most phones use the star (*) button which you will have to press repeatedly until you get the plus sign.

You should also leave out the first zero on the number you calling, in most countries, when making local calls; you will begin with the zero. But things change a little bit when making international calls, for example, if the number you calling is from Kenya and the number is 0701888888, the calling format will be like this +254701888888. Note that after the calling code of Kenya which is 254, I have skipped the first zero on the number.

Tame and play with a lion

Lions are feared animals all over humanity, ever since I was young, I was told that lions are the most dangerous animals which can never be friends to anyone. We call lions the king of animals, though that may be right, it has instilled fear for these beautiful animals in the hearts.

I would begin with warning the readers of this article that though the information reports in this article is true, you should not take the information here as the only precautions when faced with a lion. If you want to try them, it will be at your own risk

However, what many think is not necessarily always true, we have seen many people who have lions as pets that means that an easy taming of lions can make them good friends even to human being. I know of a man in Uganda who plays with lions as though they were dogs, according to the information I have got, you can also make friends in Lions.

Lions are also animals which can cooperate with any one, just like dogs, lions can be brought to our homes.  But extra care should be taken while approaching lions, it is just like dogs which are domestic but can sometimes be wild. It is never wise to approach a lion which is hungry; this is because you are more likely to become the prey of the day.

Research has shown that most animals understand kind gestures; animals will understand if you are smiling at them or if you're planning a bad attack on them.  If you find a lion on the way, make sure you put your own security as the first priority, If you are lucky and find that lion well satisfied, it will not harm you at all unless you show that you want to harm.

From a distance, stand still as you look at the Lions moves, do not do any actions which a lion may take to be violent and attacking. The lion will read your body language and will move on; you should then take a different route which is opposite to what the lion has taken.

For starters, it is better to approach trained Lion taming experts, you will get lessons on how to practically tame and play with a lion. It is fun playing with these so much feared animals.

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