Choosing a good gift for your mother

Mothers are very wonderful people and they need wonderful gifts too, you should not wait for a mother’s day to buy mother’s day’s gifts for mothers. Ant time is a good time to appreciate the woman who put you in this world. If it wasn’t her good decision, you wouldn’t have made it into this world.
Many people always find it hard to choose the best gifts for their mothers, however, a person should under normal circumstances know what there mothers would like or what they would not like. You should be very careful before buying a gift for mother. This is because of the following factors

Fake Mother Gifts
There are many fake products on the market; you should make sure you avoid them just to maintain the trust from your mother. If you give your mother a fake diamond necklace, she may think you are playing on her mind. Always use known dealers and avoid the back door gist sellers.

Ask your mum
Just to be safe, ask your mother before time what she needs, then when the right time comes to give her a gift, give her that same time she told you, hope by that time, she may have forgotten that you asked her what she wants. It is better to know what your mother will appreciate than to buy a gift she will not like.

Ask other Mums
Yes, people of the same age normally like the same things, you can ask people in your mothers age bracket on what they consider a good gift and then buy that one for your mum. Asking your girl friend may prove a disaster since she will tell you thing the young people might love for gifts.

Mother gifts and Gifts for mothers

Many people tend to buy gifts for their mothers only when it comes to mother’s day gifts, however, it is an act of sensibility to buy for you mum a gift no matter the time of the year. Mothers all over the world pass through a lot to bring up young ones and in fact they deserve a nice mother’s gift.

Choosing a nice gift for your mother is something you should consider so well before any purchase is made. It is always a sad experience to buy a gift which is rejected, so do not wait to be embarrassed. Before you buy a gift for you mother, make sure you think about the factors below;

The age of your mother
People tend to love certain things at different times, yes, a posh car is a nice one for any one, but you should note that mothers over 100 do not fancy driving at all. Make sure you buy a gift which fits the age of the mother.

Likes of your mother
You should make a list of the things your mother likes so much and buy a gift from such. If you are not sure, you can ask her like a month before you purchase the gift so that she does not remember that you asked her.

Usability of the gift
Before you buy a gift for your mother, make sure she will have something to do with it even though it is to look at it anytime she wants. Gifts which have a time span are not good ones. You should buy a gift which will last.

No one make money online from blogging, Don’t be fooled

There are many people who are turning to blogging in order to make money online, some have even resigned their official jobs with hope of making more money online, that is however a very good mistake. Not everyone will make money from blogging and I have seen so many abandoning their blogs after failing to get any dollar from them.

I usually tell people that blogging is like a soccer game competition where many teams will compete but only one team will walk away with the money. There are many bloggers but very few will be able to gain.

Who told you every blogger can get a million visitors a day? That will never be possible in the real sense which means that a few guys will always walk away with the money. It is not advisable to leave your job just to make money online unless you are sure of what you are doing.

I am not saying that people do not make money online, m of course they do, I also do, but it is not every one, There are so many people who have been updating websites for years when they have never got any meaningful income. If you want to make that money you may need to spend the better half of your day on your computer trying to make yourself visible.

The problem is that not many people can sit on the Pc all time and those who do may not be bale to know what to do and how to do in order to make money online. I have actually seen so many people being scammed thinking that they are going to make money. There are so many websites today targeting non suspecting bloggers and many have ended up losing money instead of making it.

There are currently more than 400 million blogs in the world, if someone says that people make money on line through blogging, then that means that more 400 million bloggers in the world are very rich, however, common sense will tell you that it is not true.

I do not want you to think that I am telling people that they cannot make money online, that would be like shooting my out feet since I have written so many articles which guide people on how to make money online and they have been successful. My argument is that it is only a few who get successful.

How people make money online

There are currently many people who have realized that work from home jobs are actually better than the office jobs. We are now having so many people making a lot of money on line and many others are just beginning. However, it is not always easy in the begin, many people get their first checks from blog advertising networks like Google Adsense after 6 months yet others take only 2 months.

There is no way you will make good money online without having some good website traffic, you will need to get that traffic and then money will begin pouring in, the more website traffic you have, the more you will make money online. I have written so many articles on how to increase website traffic.

Then sign up with good blog advertising companies, I use Google Adsense, Info links and Amazon but the list is endless, Google adsense is a good beginning point since the ads are relevant to the posts.

Many other people make money online through data entry jobs, there are many companies like Guru which employee online data entrants. However, you should take care so that you get a legitimate data entry job, there are many websites out there which may only cheat you instead.

If you own a blog or website, you can place a PayPal donation button so that your readers can send you some money. There are many people who make a lot of money through this method, but first of all, you will need to create some good content or serviced so that a person will feel obliged to send you money.

I have noticed that people who know how to write articles are very successful in making money online, if you are one of those ones, you can sign up to articles submission websites which share Adsense revenue like Hubpages and Howhub. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you will be paid. At a place like Hubpages, you will get money from many companies like Adsense, Kontera, Ebay and Amazon.

You can also sell advertising space in case your website get some good traffic, there are many companies which need websites to advertise from. This is a good and cheap and the best way of making money on line. You can visit the market place of site point to see advertisers seeking for websites.

I have personally made social bookmarking one of my best avenues of making money online, I bookmark my articles at She told Me and Info pirate and I get 100% of the Adsense revenue. It's a new good way to make money online.

How to save: Easy tips on saving and getting rich

Saving is a culture which leads to prosperity and riches, it is a fact that the more you save, the more you get richer. Unfortunately many people do not have the saving culture and struggle to live within budget, I have seen so many people spending more than they earn which is in itself an economic suicide, there is no way you can spend more than what you get and avoid debts, you have to remember that debts are the start point of an financial failure.

If you decide that you want to save, you should first of all inform the family members if any, this will let everyone at home know that there is a saving business taking place. This will also prevent them from making un necessary monetary demands, it does not hurt telling your kids that "there is no money" for the sake of saving.

Try to trace where you spend most and weed out the less important, if you take a closer look at how you spend money, you will notice that there are some thing which you can actually do away with completely or make a tremendous reduction in favor of saving money for development.  You may notice that your work place is so near to use taxis which can help you save a lot of money.

There are also so many people who fail to save as a result of making poor choices concerning food and groceries, some eat more than they should which increases their spending where as others buy more than they should. Majority of people buy on impulse when they visit groceries which is too bad for saving, this however can be solved if;

·         You do not go to the grocery or food store when you are hungry

·         Stick to your food budget

·         Avoid talking children to the food store.

Saving is not easy at first but if you get used, you will become addicted, remember that with no savings, there is no investment and there are riches. If you have a dream of getting rich, you must first have the dream to save.

How I became rich; Simple step on how to make money

Making money, becoming rich and becoming successful is a choice though I believe that some people do not have much to do decide. A person born to rich parents will have different choices to make from the one born to poverty stricken parents.  However, with most, (though not all) of the factors constant, you will become rich when you chose to.
My parents were not very rich (considering the living standard of my country), but I had a dream to become rich. Yes, every one normally gets such dreams but it is only a few who realize the success. When I look at the world around me, I can see that I have achieved what many people would like to achieve, I have enough money to cater for my needs and I have enough property to be counted among the rich.
Being rich is relative, a person who is rich in Uganda may not be considered to be rich in New York, but as for me, and the place I come from, I have made it to where many would like to be.
My steps to making money are not out of rich; I believe that everyone can be rich if they decide too, so that was also my first step- decision. People who will die poor think like the poor and people who become successful think like the successful. After, making the decision, you will then need to act, there are very many ways you can begin with, but I advise getting written information from people who have studied the path to success
I started with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a book which gave me real insight into the path of moving forward towards greatness and riches.   There are many books on market which can really help you to get rich if you are to follow the simple steps.
Then you will need to join some high circles of people who have achieved something, having so many friends who are poor will not help you much if you are to become rich.  Who told you rich people do not want to get friends, they do, since many of them are always lonely. Becoming a friend to the rich will set your path straight, study their paths, ask for help and give them the help they need.
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller--Now Revised and Updated for the 21st CenturyThink and Grow Rich: The No.1 Selling Book of the Century on Personal Wealth and Lasting SuccessRich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money

Top 6 Universities in Uganda

This is the list of the top universities in Uganda, if you want to study in Uganda you may as well use this list to make your choice of which university to apply to. Studying in a good university will help you easily Find Jobs in Uganda

Makerere University
This is the oldest University in the country, the student’s population is more than 30,000 and it may soon go even higher. Makerere University is ranked somewhere 3000 among the best universities in the whole world and it is situated just 5 minutes from the city center. There was a time when it was the best University in Africa but that is no more now. It is a government owned university and the tuition fees are some how affordable compared to many other private universities.

Mukono University
This is a private university owned by the Anglican Church situated in Mukono town about 50 minutes from Kampala. The university is known for producing good and quality lawyers though the quality extends to even other courses.

Kyambogo University
The second largest government owned university in Uganda with a student population of more than 1000, the university is just 10 minutes away from Kampala city center and it offers a wide range of courses.
Bugema University
A private university owned by the Seventh Adventist Church, the university is known for producing very good business students. It is located in Bugema about an hour from Kampala

Nkumba University
This is one of the first of the first private Universities to get chattered; Nkumba is located on Entebbe (air port) road which makes it so accessible for international students. They also have so many courses of different categories

Kampala international University
Owned by one of the richest men in the country, the university is expanding each day, KIU has more international students than the local students.

The Red Paper is a fake Newspaper which might cause genocide in Uganda

The Red paper started as an obscene new paper where nearly 100 percent of their pages where full of sex articles and or nude pictures. They made a lot of money from that but many Ugandans soon got tired of the silly pictures and they gave up on the Rep paper news paper.

They soon shifted to writing cooked up stories in addition to their sex talk, in the past few years, I have seen the Red paper telling people that the world will end in 2012, there is also a time they wrote about Nibiru for a very long time telling people that Nibiru was going to hit our planet. Some who where poor hearted sold their belongings and they now live poor lives.

The lies begin on their front page with the main headline, many times, the line is well presented to give a false impression of what is inside, they know that the Baganda love their Kabaka, so they make up an headline which will attract sales from the Baganda but write negative things about the kingdom instead on the next page.

The paper is so tribalistic, I think that is why most of their employees are westerners, which is not God for any company which write on national issues, it is the only paper which will quote an Acholi saying “ I hate Banyankole” or a Musoga saying “I hate Baganda”. Such tribalistic articles cannot take Uganda forward. I have noted how they have labored to make other tribes hate Buganda which is a very bad thing. I read an article when they said Baganda are planning a riot from Lubiri which never came true.

A national news paper should also never take sides in politics as the red paper does, I have read about how they blame Besigye for the fires in the September 11 riots, It seems that politicians are running to this paper to be written about. Though they claim to be independent, there is no doubt they are writing in favor of the ruling NRM government, I am not a politician but I have to give my comments when need.

Every time you see an article beginning with Why or How, just know Red paper is lying, articles like;
Why Museveni went to Kasubi?
Why the Kabaka did not talk?

Why FDC lost in Busoga?, are examples of lying articles you can find in the red paper, many of their no sense articles normally have By Our Reporter, if you ever see that word again, just know someone is going to lie you.

I therefore advise red paper to stop writing articles on tribal lines, one time when the Baganda and other tribes get tired of being tormented by a small company like red paper, there may not be a stone left on top of the other.

How to get Legitimate Data entry Jobs

I am one of those people who think that data entry jobs are fun, to make it better again, data entry jobs are many and easily found. I have seen some companies which only operate as data entry companies both with some operating offline and some operating as online data entry companies.

Whatever the case, to work as an a data entrant, you will need to have sound computer knowledge, let me hope I am not scaring you, what you need is not the programming but a little computer knowledge to help you enter data you have been assigned for you data entry job.

Some companies will require that you have to know excel and access for you to get a data entry job but I have also seen others using word to enter their data. However, some companies especially those offline will only give data entry jobs to those with some knowledge of data entry packages like SPSS, STATA or EPinfo. But that is in a very rare case, which means that just knowing how to type may earn you a good data entry job.

Therefore, when you finally chose a data entry company to register with online, you will be required to enter some application forms. This is where you should get careful, if you see that a company is demanding money from you to register or to work as their data entrant, you need to really slow down. Legitimate data enrty companies will not require you to pay them for a job but they will rather pay you for the work you do for the.

Most internet data entry companies will link you to an employer or company whose work you will do and always make sure that the payment methods are clear and transparent. Other wise, I would advise all who can to try out on the data entry jobs since they are cost effective and you can earn some good money from them. I will conclude by saying that you should get money from doing data entry jobs and you should not pay any money to do them.

Quickly get Finance Jobs

Finance departments are always important for a company, which means that finance jobs are equally important. Finance jobs just like the marketing jobs and accounting jobs are all well paying and people with them normally enjoy good salaries.

The good thing with finance jobs is that they are readily available since nearly companies need finance mangers and finance controllers. However, finance jobs are not for every one, since this department is a bit tricky one, you will have to be knowledge for you to get a finance job.

In order to get a finance job or jobs in finance, you will have to be with a finance qualification which can be a degree in finance or any other degree but majoring in finance that is for at least to be on a safe side, I have also realize that people with professional finance qualifications stand a good chance to get finance jobs.
Unlike many other job interviews, I have noticed that in moist cases, people who go finance jobs normally have aptitude tests, and also given practical tests, you may also be required to prove your working experience if any.

To be sincere, working experience is very important for all job types but that should not be an hindrance for any one who wants to find jobs, working experience can be obtained from any where, if you think your curriculum vitea will not cover up enough for, you can volunteer in any business in a finance job role so that you can build up your curriculum vitae.

I have always written in my articles that if you need to get jobs, you have to network and get links and contacts of people who matter. You should not get ashamed, make sure you get friends from people whom you think have the capability to link you to a job. Many companies get job vacancies and it is employees who get to know about them. If such job opportunities come by, they will be bale to tell you.

How to easily get Marketing jobs

Marketing is one of the best paying professions, the good thing with marketing jobs; marketing jobs are turning out to be a little bit tricky given the fact that their counterpart sales jobs are the ones employers would like to give out more so that they can instantly increase their sales.

If you want to get a marketing job, you will need to first of all to have a marketing qualification or a qualification in a related field. Many employers are now looking for people with marketing qualifications to fill marketing vacancies in their business. These can include a degree in Marketing or a degree in sales management.

However, people with professional marketing qualifications are these days having higher chances of getting marketing jobs compared to those who do not have them. The world is also changing, so you will need to be out of the cloud for you to get your marketing job. This means that you should avoid being in the cloud of marketing jobs seekers who have first degrees, you can go for a second or a professional marketing qualification for you to be a bit different from others.

I have also realized that many companies need experienced marketing professionals, this means that even though you have never had a formal marketing job, you should spice up your curriculum vitae with working experience from anywhere, I ma not telling to lie because you may get caught, but to be sincere, it will be had for you to get a marketing job when you do not have working experience yet others you contesting with for the job are having good employment history.

Before you go for a marketing interview, it is advised that you get all the information concerning the market of industry you are apply for, most of the questions from marketing interviews come from current market news, this means that you should be bale to study the competitors’ in the market and show your interviewers how you will help them to be the number one company.

Marketing job interviews are many times tricky because are mainly behavior interviews, so you will need to have at your finger tips some of the marketing problem scenarios you have ever encountered and how you over came them.
Marketing jobs also require negotiation skills and innovativeness; you will need to show to the interview panel that you are good at negotiating, and that your communication skills are also good.

Jobs in UAE and Jobs in Dubai

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now a destination for many job seekers. I have seen so many people in my country going for jobs In UAE jobs in Dubai and yes, many of them have been successful. Since Dubai is a port without import taxes, the goods their have become so cheap that people from all over the world have made Dubai their shopping destination.

This has led to creation of so many jobs in Dubai and this tiny desert country. Some people may think that those in Dubai are only for causal laborers but that is not case. Yes, its true there are so many security guard jobs, and driving jobs in Dubai but that is not the end of it all. You can get a very good office job in UAE if you have your academic papers; many companies in Dubai are now looking for qualified professionals to help them beat the increasing competition.

One good thing with the jobs in Dubai is that they are always well paying and you will be able to save money quickly and make investments in tour home country. Those who have good academic papers and those who do not have can all get jobs in Dubai.

There are many companies which recruit people for jobs in Dubai and jobs in UAE from different countries; these should be your beginning point. You can visit their offices and get all the information you need from them. However, you should have the scam companies since I have also seen some companies which disappeared with people money after promising to get for them jobs in Dubai.

There are also many online companies which recruit people for jobs in Dubai, some people register online and they get their details cleared, but you should make sure you do not pay any money until you have made sure that the company is genuine. Though some companies recruit for jobs in other countries like jobs in America, or jobs in the USA, jobs in the UK and jobs in Canada, there are others which recruit for only jobs in Dubai. I think it is better you register with those ones.

Where and How to get Accounting jobs

Though accounting jobs should be in plenty, they are increasingly become scarce yet those needing to find accounting jobs are increasing. Just like the marketing and finance jobs, accounting jobs also command a big salary. An accountant can fill any management position just because the subject is a bit dynamic.

My first advise to those looking for accounting jobs is that they should also look beyond the box and also apply for other management jobs since many of such jobs require people who studied accounting.

The worst side of it is that people who have studied accounting are no longer rare, many people today have accounting qualification and many more are soon getting them. To be out of the big cloud of the people who are looking for accounting jobs, an accountant should always strive to add to the qualifications they have. This means that if you have an accounting diploma you should go for an accounting degree and the one with a first degree should go for masters.

Many employers today also prefer workers with accounting professional qualifications like ACCA and CIMA which are internationally recognized. If you have them, it will get easier fort you to get an accounting job and you will have reduced on the job competition you will have to deal with. So, as you look for accounting jobs, make sure you also get time to study some professional accounting qualifications.

For those of you who read my job search advice, you must have noted that I always emphasize networking for jobs. Many companies get job vacancies every day and if you have many friends who matter in such companies, at one time, one will have to tell you about a vacancy. Some companies fear to go public in announcing jobs in order to protect their public image. Therefore, making friends among people who work will help, and what I know is that making a friend is not had.

You should not forget that when you go for an accounting job interview, things will get practical, so you should make sure you do not forget to make your balance sheets and reconciliation statements. This where people with fewer academic papers beat those with many when it comes to accounting jobs.

Heart disease; Rate your Risk of getting heart disease


Many people are at a high risk of getting high disease but yet remain ignorant about the fact. This article is going to help you rate yourself and see you risk of getting heart disease or cancer. Number a piece of paper from 1 through 13. Then read each item below and respond by writing a Yes then total the number of  the responses.


I avoid sitting or standing near people who smoke

I do not put salt on my food

I do not smoke cigarettes

I avoid eating fried foods

I limit the amount of fat in my diet

I do not use smokeless tobacco products

I exercise aerobically at least 3 times a week

I eat foods high in fibre

I use a lot of vegetable and fruits

I avoid long exposure to dust, fumes and industrial chemicals

I limit my intake of foods high in cholesterol

I keep my weight under control

I eat a lot of greasy food


If you have got more than 11 points, then your risk for getting heart disease is low,

If you have got 9 to 11 then your risk of getting heart disease is prevalent and you should make some changes

If you have got below 9 points, you have a risk for getting heart diseases, do something immediately to avoid heart problems.




Cancer; Rate your Risk of getting Cancer

Many people are at a high risk of getting cancer but yet remain ignorant about the fact. This article is going to help you rate yourself and see you risk of getting cancer. Number a piece of paper from 1 through 18. Then read each item below and respond by writing a Yes or a No  and then total the number of each responses.


I avoid sitting or standing near people who smoke

I put salt on my food

I smoke cigarettes

I avoid eating fried foods

I limit the amount of fat in my diet

When i am in sunshine during mid day, I use sun screens

I use smokeless tobacco products

I exercise aerobically at least 3 times a week

I eat foods high in fibre

I use a lot of vegetable and fruits

I avoid long exposure to dust, fumes and industrial chemicals

I limit my intake of foods high in cholesterol

When i am upset, i take some action to relax

I keep my weight under control

I wear protective clothing when I am in the sun for long periods

I use some effective ways to relax

I avoid smoke filled rooms

I eat a lot of greasy food


Now it is time yo rate your risk of getting cancer, Give yourself 1 point for each of the Yes answers on the items 1,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17


If you answered No on items 2,3,7 and 18, give yourself 1 point for each answer

If the total of your points is 17 to 18, you are doing great and you risk for cancer is very low. That is an excellent

15 to 16 is good and your risk is for getting cancer is also low.

9 to 14, you should do something, you may get cancer, and your risk is alarming

Below, Be very careful, time might be running out for you and your risk of getting cancer is very high


How to quit or stop drinking alcohol


Drinking alcohol in any form should not have a place in a person's life; a person should stop drinking alcohol when it is still early enough to save life. Many people who are addicted to alcohol and the alcoholics may see it hard to stop or quit drinking and some think it is impossible. But there are so many people who have done it in the past and there are so many others who are in the process.

The steps listed below can help you in your upward climb to stop drinking;

The first step you should take if you want to quit drinking alcohol is to decide to get help; you can get help from friends, family members and quit alcohol groups. Support groups have helped so many people to stop drinking

Get a medical evaluation or visit a doctor, you will be given good counsel on how to give up on alcohol

Eat fruits a lot and take a lot of juice when you are craving for alcohol

Remember the process is gradual, start reducing on the quantity of alcohol you consume day per day

Avoid people who drink, and avoid places like bars where drinking is regular

Join an alcohol rehabilitation center that may be the best decision you may make in your journey to stop drinking alcohol. 


Dangers of drinking alcohol

Alcohol is known as drug because of its effects on the body, the dangers of alcohol are actually too many, the world has witnessed so many death because of alcohol, the dangers of smoking alcohol are so may and most of them are life threatening. Below are some of the dangers of smoking alcohol which may also be some good reasons for a person to stop smoking.

The Brain

Alcohol reaches the brain almost as soon as it is consumed. It then depresses the activity of the brain thus slowing the work of the nervous system and the memory concentration which makes a person become dull.


The liver in the process of oxidation changes alcohol into water, carbon dioxide and energy, the sad news is that the liver can only oxidize only ½ ounce (15ml) of alcohol an hour.

Blood vessels

Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate and widen which makes drinking alcohol so dangerous. The result is increased flow of blood and blood pressure


Alcohol affects the kidney by making it to produce more urine. This is one reason why a person feels dehydrated after heavy drinking. The kidney will then develop complication

Stomach and ulcers

Alcohol disorganise the functions of stomach by increasing the flow of gastric juice from the stomach lining, the result will stomach complication like ulcers


Alcohol is very addictive, a person can easily become an alcohol, in fact, 7% of the people who take a first drink become alcoholics which is associated with many negative effects including death

Alcohol and pregnancy

If you take alcohol when you are expecting or pregnant, you will cause so many negative effects to your unborn baby, these may include premature births, death and birth defects.

Effective tips on how to stop smoking


To stop smoking is a great decision though sometimes not an easy one. Hover it, it is very possible to give up smoking in a very short period of time. People who need to stop smoking go through a period of withdrawal, during this period a person might feel nervous, moody or having difficulty sleeping. But these symptoms do not last long and they are worth it compared to dangers if you do not stop smoking.

To stop smoking, you can use a series of filters over the period of 3 weeks. Each filter reduces the tar and nicotine levels so that withdrawal is gradual

You can also get prescription from a doctor for a gum that contains nicotine. The aim is to gradually to cut down the amount and frequency of the gum you use until you are nicotine free.

It is also important that you join a "stop smoking" club or group if you can access one.

Surround yourself with people who support your decision and who themselves do not smoke.

Find a substitute for cigarettes to put in your mouth such as sugar free gum

Ask a non smoking free what it is like to breath you smoke. Their responses may give you more urge to stop smoking

Try to stay smoke free one day at a time, remember that each day's battle won is tomorrow's victory.

Think about all the benefits of being smoke or cigarette free and how you will be saving your life.

Astronomical Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarette smoking is real suicide with so many dangers involved. It does not many which type of cigarettes you are using, the fact remains that there are many dangers of smoking cigars dangers of smoking pipes, and also for smokeless tobacco. Speciality cigarettes like clove cigarettes also have diverse negative effects on a human body.

Every day, only in the United States, at least 2000 people die from diseases related to smoking. Cigarette smoking is responsible for over 700000 deaths only in the USA alone each year. About 75% of the deaths from lung cancer among women are caused by smoking. On Average, a cigarette smoker is 10 to 15 times more likely to get lung cancer than a non smoker.

Smoking is really dangerous more than many people can imagine, someone who smokes 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes is 20 to 25 times more likely to die from lung cancer. A male smoker who is between 30 and 40 years old can expect to lose about 8 years of his life because of smoking.

Researchers have also proved that cigarette smoking is a major factor associated with the two principle diseases that make up chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), these are chronic bronchitis and pulmonary diseases which are 10 times more likely to occur among the cigarette smokers.

Smoking is also related to many other dangers like heart diseases, stained teeth and fingers and loss of tastes, birth defects, and sinus.

Dangers of smoking are actually universal, Smoking will not only affect the smoker but the people around will be severely affected through passive smoking. An estimated 50,000 people die from diseases which are related to passive smoking each day.

Where is heaven? Evidence revealed

Many people have for long been asking themselves where heaven is, I have been told from childhood  that heaven is where God stays and it is the place where the righteous will go as the wicked go to hell. I knew that heaven is there but i did not know where it is. I also have a good feeling that every Christian and all those who are inquisitive about life after death have also been wondering for long where heaven is and where to find it.

The space scientists have also tried so much to trace heaven but have been frustrated but the lack of enough technology to see beyond the so many galaxies. That's why some of the space scientist suggested that there is no heaven, yet no one has a clear understanding of what exists in the starry skies.

However, the bible mentions of 3 heavens in 2Corithians 12, here Paul talks about a man who went to the third heaven and came back. We do not have any account of what this man saw in third heaven.

The bible refers to the sky just above us as the first heaven, where the birds fly. The second heaven according to the bible is the starry skies where the sun is. No one has ever passed even or Milky Way galaxy and no one might ever do it. Passing through a galaxy to another requires a period in light years which no one can ever do.

This is where the space scientists stop, however, beyond the starry skies is the third heaven where God himself stays. That's where angels originate and that's where the throne of God is. It is in that heaven that all those who believe in Jesus Christ will go after their work on earth is done at the resurrection time.


Refusal skills; How to say No and mean it

There are many times when we need to say "No" but find it hard or do not say it well enough to convince the other person. This can include saying "No" to a guy who is after your heart, saying No to a kid who wants more sweets or even saying "No" to a lovers demand.

Saying yes to a demand when you were supposed to say no can be so dangerous and in many times, people say No in a way which is not convincing. For example, many men have continued to pester women who do not love them simply because such women do not have good refusal skills.

Here are some good ways you can say "No" and really mean it;

If you are not ready to say No at that time, you can buy time by saying that you will get back to the person. Take all the time you need until the person gets tired.

State exactly how you fell with a serious look on your face and be direct and honest. A person will look at your face and see that you are serious.

Do not apologize for your decision and values the person may take your "No" not serious

Use direct eye contact when you are rejecting the person's demand, when you look away, the person may not believe you.

Use a firm and friendly tone of voice, it hits harder than a hard voice

Use the other person name, for example, "James, I do not love you"

Nail care; Great Pedicure and Manicure tips

Having nice looking nails is one of the aspects of a good appearance and beauty. You will therefore need your nails to look good in order to enhance your overall appearance. It doesn't matter whether you are a woman or a man, bad looking nails will always embarrass you.

Caring for nails should be wholesome; it includes the care for hang nails. Hang nails are bits loose cuticles around the base or side of finger nails. If hang nails are not removed, they become infected. Do not pull or bite them, rather, cut off the major part and cover with a bandage. Hang nails can be prevented by pushing the cuticle back gently each time you wash your hands.

Good pedicure and manicure includes keeping nails clean and evenly trimmed. You should cut your nails straight across, leaving the nails just at or above the skin level. If you cut your nails too low, you increase the risk of infection and in grown nails.

With good manicure, you must slightly round the finger nails, you can use a nail file or emery board to shape the nails. Always file in the same direction rather than using sawing motion.

How to avoid toe nail problems

Do not wear shoes that are too tight

Keep your toe nails clipped but do not clip them too short

Keep the nail cut across rather than rounded.

How to deal with sibling rivalry


Though it is known sibling always love each other, there is always a great deal of competition and rivalry among them. There are many reasons which can make siblings be at real odds and many of them steam from childhood.

I really had no problem with my younger brother but when I saw my mother offering more love to him than me, I began to feel bad, a sibling rivalry emerged and sometimes it really hurt a lot. That was when I was still young though there are still many siblings in old age who never get along.

The feeling of competition and who is better may never be lost and can cause undesired effects among siblings. Below are some of the ways sibling's rivalry can be dealt with.

Learn to talk out your differences rather than shouting them out

When disagreeing with your sibling, make an effort to stay on the subject and not include past things

Use "I" messages when telling your sibling how you feel about their behaviour

Plan an activity where you can do something together that you both enjoy

Try to figure out if the tension between you and your sibling is part of a larger problem. If so, then help your family to address that situation.

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